CubeViz - Statistical data discovery and visualization

Welcome on the project page of CubeViz. Here you will find more information about our work on CubeViz and CubeViz.js. We are currently very busy writing papers and writing code, so only a few facts are available. Expect to hear from us soon here.

# CubeViz.js - the standalone JavaScript application

CubeViz.js is the successor of CubeViz, the OntoWiki component. Its an Javascript application and doesn't need a PHP backend anymore. Its currently under heavy development, but expect new releases in the near future.

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# CubeViz - the OntoWiki component

CubeViz is an OntoWiki component providing faceted browsing in statistical data in the Linked Data Web. It was set up and adopted to be part of the Data Portal of the European Union. CubeViz utilizing the RDF DataCube vocabulary which is the state-of-the-art in representing statistical data in Resource Description Framework (RDF). This vocabulary is compatible with SDMX (User Guide) and increasingly being adopted. Based on the vocabulary and the encoded Data Cube, CubeViz is generating a facetted browsing widget that can be used to filter interactively observations to be visualized in charts. Based on the selected structure, CubeViz offer beneficiary chart types and options which can be selected by users.

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